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Southern Fried Veggie's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Southern Fried Veggie

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adios [30 Jun 2002|10:12pm]
[ mood | loved ]

one often gets to a time in their lives when they realise that there are more important things than an online life. and don't get me wrong, i've had my fair share of hours on end spent at interFACE and in communities like livejournal. and sometimes it's great and i can't say that i haven't met people that way who i couldn't imagine not knowing. but this happened to me with interFACE about a year ago. i realised that it wasn't for me anymore. the crowd, the bullshit, the politics, the pointless wasted nights. it wasn't my schtick anymore. so i said "adios" and i moved on.

i go into the chat every now and then. it's good to catch up every once in a while, but all-in-all i have let go of my interFACE life. it's just not me anymore.

i guess what i'm trying to get at is that i'm leaving livejournal. it has been a great outlet for me and i have met some great folks here. but it's time to go. as my m8 nat always says, "things change. people rearrange." my life is wonderful now. and i want to go and live it. i don't need this pseudo-reality when my reality is a dream come true.

sometimes there are more important things in life than the internet. and i've found him.

adios LJ. i may see you again, but as for now, i'm out.

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[27 Jun 2002|11:53am]

*points to mestcs*

thank you.
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Someone... [27 Jun 2002|10:43am]
... please kick me in the ass for making someone who makes me feel so great feel so awful. sometimes i feel like i don't deserve him. but hell, i'm not gonna let him get away.

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LT [25 Jun 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

so my flatmate has gone home to sweden for a week. she offered to give me her monthly travelcard while she's gone which sounded great because i'm temping up in notting hill for the week. then she proceeds to tell me that it's demagnetized so it doesn't go through the barrier things. you have to show it to the LT guy and get them to let you in. that kinda sucks, because obviously i don't have the right photocard. "oh, they never check," she assures me. stop laughing globalgoddess and mestcs. you guys know how paranoid i am! i don't like doing naughty things :p

so i used this travelcard and it was fine (knock on wood), but something i realised today was that it wasn't as much fun to ride the trains today. the underground had lost its appeal. you know why?

the best part of riding the tube is inserting the ticket into that slot, seeing the barriers open and then taking the ticket from the other side. it's like magic. you put the ticket in and it opens the gate. machines. absolutely incredible.

and you think i'm mad. of course you do. but it's all part of the game. the vending game. of course it's like vending. you need something. you put in your payment (in this case, ticket) and what you need is granted you (in this case, access). and no one else is involved in this process.

nyc subways aren't quite as cool. something about just swiping the metrocard instead of actually inserting it into the machine makes it not as cool.

granted, it's not worth the £4.10 a day for me to actually buy travelcards this week that i have lin's demagnetized travelcard. i shall live. but next week, i'm back to travelcard vending.. ooooooooh yeah. excitement!

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lmao [22 Jun 2002|02:01pm]
[ mood | pissing myself laughing ]

dale gets locked out of the airport (DFW, of course) trying to get outside to have a smoke. he nearly freezes to death out there.

"the only thing that kept me alive is my will to smoke... again. and the ashtrays from an alitalia flight."

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King of the Hill [22 Jun 2002|01:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i knew they had this show over here. i'd seen it a few years ago with my family in ramsgate. i remember all the shit i got for living in texas. that was probably 5-6 years ago now. but here it is. 1.25 on a saturday afternoon. no wonder i haven't seen it since i've been here. i'm so incredibly exciting. it's about to start. and it's thanksgiving. one can only imagine what might happen there.

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i got lost for a week.. [21 Jun 2002|04:59pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i got lost somewhere that's much lovlier than here. i got lost in a parallel universe. a lovely parallel universe. oh wait. i got lost in reality. sorry livejournal.

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[18 Jun 2002|01:54pm]
[ mood | awake ]


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party like it's.. umm.. the weekend [15 Jun 2002|06:11pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

my mum just called me a boozer. my own mother. and afterall, i suppose she's right. lin gave up drinking last week. supposedly. but we all know how long that lasted.

thursday night at dogstar followed the usual routine. good tunes. lots of drinks and making fun of fufu girls. one thing i learned on thursday.. if i didn't know this before. djs love fufu girls.. ass-slap girls, if you will. a few times lin and i almost got trapped in their dance circle. but unfortunately we didn't have handbags to put down in the middle, so we had to leave it. awww. actually, lin grabbed my arm and dragged me back by the bar when i even got CLOSE to the ass-slap girls. nice one.

and last night. jesus. i don't even know where to begin. at the goose, i guess it was. it was the usual lock-in once the pub was closed. music. vodka. dancing on tables. then off to some place up the street where they will let you in after 11. more vodka. more music. my god i don't know how we even made it home.. or where the drinks came from.

we managed to make it home. somehow. and while i was running down the stairs to get to the phone, i slipped and broke my ass. stop laughing! i did. i broke my ass. oh my god, it hurts like a motherfucker! i think my ass really is broken. lin won't stop laughing. but i don't think it's so funny. i have to sit on the left side. anyone know where there's an ER near brixton?

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the josh talks to the veginator [11 Jun 2002|09:09pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

it was such a blast from the past when he popped online on sunday. it's been so long since josh just fell off the face of the earth. or rather, fell off manhattan island.

i can't believe how things happened. he lived with me for 3 months and then just all of a sudden disappeared. and there were so many questions that needed answering.

it was great to hear his voice on sunday night. he was anxious for me to call him and i needed to talk to him too. i'm really glad that he's doing ok. he's a good kid really. he's just a bit of a nutter. i miss his energy. he brought out some crazy childish energy in me that i had lost. and for that, i will always be thankful to him.

now he's threatening to take on brixton just like he took on downtown manhattan. oh no! watch out SW2!

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5am bagel time [11 Jun 2002|09:08pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i sat here at 5am this morning chatting to... well... we all know who i was chatting to. there's something about staying up that late and not being out or at a party. there's something about being up that late just because your head is spinning and you're spewing ideas and thoughts.

he makes me miss new york anyway. talking to him always brings thoughts of the city into my head. but this morning it was more of a visceral feeling. it wasn't just in my head. i looked out onto the sun coming up on brixton. and i remembered that moment. i had felt that feeling before. that same amount of light. that same scent of the city at dawn. a different city. a different place. but the feeling was the same.

walking through new york streets around 5am is something i know well. whether it's after a night out or just a walk to clear my head. i have done that so many times.

i fancied a bagel this morning. when i looked out the window onto a 5am glow i felt like i needed a bagel with cream cheese from the corner deli. or cheddar lettuce and tomato on a plain bagel.

city that never sleeps. and a sleepless thinking girl. we were made for each other.

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Bomb Bags [10 Jun 2002|01:56am]
[ mood | devious ]

how could i not? vending machine was right there. plastic balls glistening through the dirty glass. at first I wasn't really sure what was inside. but it was the plastic ball i wanted. 3/5 translucent, 2/5 clear. unusual, i'd say. and i know my vending.

it sounds crazy, i know, but wait until you hear what was inside. i didn't really look at the display. i saw that it had something to to with warfare. and some subconscious soldier in the back of my head started thinking up fantasies of parachuters and plastic army men. boy was i surprised when i realised that it was neither of these. it was much better. more incredible than one could ever express.


"what are bomb bags?", one may question. what does it sound like? it's a bomb in a bag, of course! geez.

it was quite a responsibility to have... carrying a bomb in my bag. and the package warns you, "please do not put in mouth". and i had to really keep myself from trying. i mean, how tempting is that?? i managed to fight the urge... the whole time plotting to blow up various parts of the train. i mean, afterall, i was equipt with a bomb bag.

apparently it's not for 0-6 year olds. it says it on the packet. that's a shame because youngsters are quite good at warfare. i mean, they can get down into small cracks and blow up things that our chubby hands would never be able to get to. such a shame that they're too young for bomb bags.

whuddayusay mestcs? we can take on the world with these, you and me.

inhalt nicht essen!

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Vending Revolution [10 Jun 2002|01:46am]
[ mood | devious ]

Vending war supplies
Vending spraypaint
Vending warfare

The anticipation... waiting for the prize.
Like waiting for the cannon to fire.
Vending Revolution.

The bright colours on the face of the enemy
... on their clothes
The bright colours on the ball that will
soon be their bones.

Vending the Revolution to You.

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[06 Jun 2002|02:27pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

can i just say that mestcs kicks some serious ass. yeah. he does. to be proven here: mestcs.com


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Yeah I Am! [06 Jun 2002|02:23pm]
[ mood | chuffed ]

Which Angelina Are You?
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[04 Jun 2002|08:28pm]
[ mood | devious ]

someone seems to have broken into my flat and scribbled nonsense onto the notepad by my phone. bloody hooligans.

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damn queen and fuckin' world cup bizness [04 Jun 2002|08:23pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

so the queen has carried around a handbag and waved for 50 years. and a bunch of testosterone-driven men are running around fields chasing after a little ball... while the ones who are not even fortunate enough to get paid for these festivities watch and make all too much noise whilst i try to sleep in the mornings.

woe is the state of britain today.

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[31 May 2002|09:46am]
[ mood | cheeky ]

get stuffed!

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fazed [30 May 2002|01:38pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

i don’t even know what to say to him. i sat down with pen and paper and it’s like nothing came out. and, as you all know, i’m usually quite verbose.

i guess it just seems that everything is different now. everything has changed. i don’t wait for his letters. and i don’t respond right away. and i don’t even fret that i can’t make a booked visit. everything is different now. everything has changed.

and i don’t really feel fazed by it. and perhaps that’s why i’m fazed. kristin always thinks that it goes in phases and that it will inevitably return. but i don’t want it to. i don’t want the bullshit. and i’m not afraid now of letting it all go.

am i growing up? or am i just starting over... respecting myself more than he ever has.

so i wrote the letter. and brushed over the missed visit as if it didn’t even faze me. because. really. it didn’t.

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Play for Today [29 May 2002|12:51pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I’m gonna come up with a plan. Seriously. I’m going to sit down tonight and map out what projects I’m working on, when I’m working on them (roughly obviously), and how I plan to spend my time/make my money from here on out.

I have no idea if I’m going to get a permanent job or keep temping forever. Now I have a project ahead of me that is set in stone for February-March 2003 in Houston. So I’ll use that as a guide. “Two screenplays, a play and a performance art piece to which I’ve lost the script”. It sounds like the title of a really indie film…
Nope, it’s just my life as an artist.

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